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John E. Ellis, Founder

C. S. Steamer Florida
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This site is dedicated to the memory of the gallant and too often unknown sailors and marines of the War For Southern Independance and especially to the crew of the CS Steamer FLORIDA and to Capt. John Newland Maffitt (1819-1886), whose life and daring exploits having been explored have resulted in this endeavor.
Captain John Newland Maffitt of North Carolina
The specialty of our organization is to collect and catalog copies and originals of anything and everything, no matter how small and trivial, involving the Confederate States Navy and Marines (a part of the Navy) and to make this a one stop information center for serious researchers and anyone who will help promote the knowledge around the world of these currently unknown Confederate heros. Our goal is to make them all known and to provide links to others who do the same.  The museum at this time is more oriented to information and education than artifacts, as those will come later as interest increases, however artifact donation is always welcome.  Funds are constantly needed for acquisitions. 
At the present time we do not have a building to display the items. A plan is in the works for a floating museum and training vessel, possibly a reproduction of the ironclad CSS TENNESSEE, flagship of Admiral Franklin Buchanan in Mobile Bay.  We will also have a presence in Pensacola, Florida.
C. S. Steamer Tennessee
YOU CAN HELP on several projects we have ongoing. Please check your files and email or snail mail copies of ANYTHING  CSN related that you have. Credit to you will always be given. Print  your name and address on the back of the information sent.
1.  We need the location of any and all burial plots of Confederate Navy and Marine veterans, including those in other countries.  A clear photo of the  gravesite would be most welcome. We're working on a directory. Again, put your name and address on the back. 
Click our link below to view other CSN and CSMC graves in many states and overseas
2.  If you have a Confederate Navy or Marine ancestor or you are a CS Navy or Marine re-enactor or historian, let us know. 
Tell us of your website if you have one. 
CSN officers at Beauvior, Biloxi, MS.------Commander------------James River Squadron Marines-------Victoria, Australian Squadron at Taminick
3.  If you have the time, expertise,  experience (or money) and would like to help on a reproduction shipbuilding project, please let us know. This is a long range objective.  As soon as we obtain the non-profit, tax exempt IRS status, all will be tax deductible. 
This is the continuation of a permanent and ongoing discovery process to be shared and with all  proper credit due contributors. One of our goals is to help develop and link CSN related museums around the world.  Surprised? You will find them in Bermuda and Australia. 
The Globe Hotel in St. Georges, Bermuda   
        was the place that Confederate States Navy Officers, Secret Service Agents and blockade runners stayed. 
Now it is a Confederate Navy Museum.
As this is a worldwide experience, we would like to hear from persons around the globe as the Confederate Navy stopped at many ports and had a worldwide crew. To name a few:  England, Bermuda, Bahamas, Brazil, Spain, Cuba, South Africa, France, Australia, Nova Scotia, Barbatos, Maderia, Tenerife and Tortugas.
We have already provided research on two ships, the CSS STONEWALL (renamed Kotetsu and later Adzuma) 
and the CSS TALLAHASSEE, sold to Japan after the war. 
They made history  there and proved the quality and durability of the ship's design. 
NOTHING IS TOO TRIVIAL !! Be an active participant.

CLICK HERE to go to our CEMETERY LOCATOR of Confederate States Navy and Marine gravesites.
(You can help by finding graves in your state or country---send them in)
(This page is full of links to a variety of interesting information)
Read these Words from Confederate Navy Officers, Seamen, & the Founder. CLICK HERE
(This is an important insight as to how the CS Navy personnel viewed life after the war)
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John E. Ellis
CS Navy Research Center
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